Booking Policy

booking policy

Thank you for your interest in booking me!  Let's cover some ground rules:


Generally, I shoot from portrait to artistic nude work. I do avoid sexualizing content, with the extremely odd exception. This is a very subjective matter, so I encourage you to review my portfolio to see the work I wish to be portrayed in. Without exception, I do not shoot explicit work – defined as visible labia, sexual acts, or obvious sex positions. I am not interested in being included in brands such as Playboy, Penthouse, etc. On the contrary, I will dabble in latex and shibari work, because I think both can be shot with a lot of interesting factors involved. My intentions are artistic, not arousal – although I am aware that arousal and artistry sometimes come hand in hand, and arousal from the audience side cannot be controlled. Shoot content must be discussed and agreed upon before hand, including where the images will be released (from both parties). It is unlikely I will be willing to accept a change in genre on the spot/on set without queue.


My rates are currently $150 CAD/hr with a 2-hour minimum booking, $500 CAD/4 hours, and $800 CAD/8 hours. Other countries have varying rates in accordance with the industry their International exchange rates may apply. If I am providing the location, there is no minimum booking. I provide locations sporadically and depending on the city. I am also sometimes able to offer studio discounts. I offer discounted rates for duo-model bookings. I do not charge extra for additional photographers at this time. Discounts are also available if I am able to use images on a non–exclusive basis with credit on paywall sites.

I request a 25% booking deposit.  This confirms the shoot arranged in my calendar. The remaining 75% must be provided before I leave the set.  I accept cash, e-transfer, and PayPal only.  


I understand things may happen with short notice, and I will do my best to accommodate for any changes.  If a change or postponement is not available, I require a cancellation fee.  If the cancellation is within 7 days, I will keep the deposit. If it is within 24 hours, I will ask for 100%.  Please understand this is my full time job and last minute cancellations can make a paying trip into an expense.  I depend on stable bookings for my income.  


  • Please do not touch me for any reason, unless consent is given. Yes, this means I can normally fix my own panties if they're twisted, but I may ask for your help to hide a tag.

  • The clock starts and ends on the time agreed on previously. I often have shoots back to back, so if you spend the first 30 minutes talking and then ask to begin shooting - this can back up my entire day and make me look unprofessional to everyone else.

  • If we are shooting outdoors, I strongly suggest having a back up location. I am fairly tolerant with weather, but I understand your camera gear likely is not.

  • I do not accept water bottles on the shoot. This is entirely an environmental decision and I ask you do not buy me bottled water as this increases production demand. I will have a reusable water bottle with me, and I suggest you take the same habit (but I'm not your mother).

  • In general, I believe there are no wrong questions and will never be upset by a question asked.  To avoid potential awkwardness, please note I am happy in my relationship and am not looking for another one.

Your Muse Awaits

There is a special excitement, when shooting with a subject that personifies your creative vision and enriches your work. I can't wait to hear about your next big thing.

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